Here are the factory recommendations of the ideal table/arm combinations for optimum performance and value.

Package 12A

A great starting point to get into the SME family. This package features the new Model 12 turntable with the world-renowned Series 309 tonearm.

Package 15A

Model 15 turntable with Series 309 arm. The Model 15 was inspired from the Model 10 but received SME’s suspension system and seeks to emulate the excellence of the Models 20/3 and 30/2 turntables. This combo is a complete success.

Package 20/3A

Model 20 adds a high-mass foundation with superb results. This package includes the Model 20/3 turntable with matching Series V arm.

Package 20/12A

This package includes the Model 20/12, which is the 12″ version of the Model 20 turntable along with the matching Series 312S 12″ arm. Stereophile called this table “among the best-built turntables in the world” so why not give it a spin?

Package 30/2A

This package includes the Model 30/2 turntable, called “the best turntable of all time” by Germany’s AUDIO, with a matching Series V tonearm. Highly recommended.

Package 30/12A

Twelve inch version of the Model 30; the best of the best. Model 30/12 turntable with matching Series V-12 12″ tonearm.