Introducing Spendor

Spendor Audio is one of England’s best-loved and most respected loudspeaker manufacturers. Over the past 40 plus years, Spendor has gained an enviable reputation for class-leading R&D, innovative design and no-compromise engineering.

What separates Spendor from the crowd is its in-house R&D program and its engineering prowess. All Spendor loudspeakers and drive units are designed and hand-built in-house at their Hailsham, England factory and every Spendor loudspeaker is assembled there as well. With their class-leading engineering and in-house manufacturing capabilities, Spendor loudspeakers truly deliver best-in-class performance and value. 

Spendor loudspeakers are ‘all-rounders’, capable of delivering the kind of neutrality that music lovers will instantly recognize and appreciate. Best of all, they deliver a true, transparent and musical sound way beyond their price point. Spendor loudspeakers are easy to set up, work perfectly with whatever Hi-Fi equipment you have and transform the way you hear and enjoy every style of music. Their timeless, elegant design, which has evolved over five decades, makes them instantly and unobtrusively at home in any room.

Closer to the Performance

It is increasingly rare to find a brand that manufactures its own drive units in-house – and even fewer that make their own cabinets – since these tasks require experience, expertise and serious investment. Spendor is one of them. From a pair of A1s in natural oak to the Classic 200s in a rich dark walnut, all Spendor loudspeaker cabinets go through a painstaking manufacturing process involving hours of labour, pair matching, staining and hand finishing to create their stunning looks. Watch the video below to see this fascinating process.

Watch the Video

Made for Music. Designed for You.

Spendor offers three different product lines; A Line, D Line and Classic Line.
You can choose any Spendor loudspeaker and be confident you are investing in the best of British audio.

A Line

A Line loudspeakers deliver the famous Spendor sound; clean and natural with uncompromised bass performance. They are designed to work well with virtually any partnering equipment and in any room.

D Line

The D Line is our premium range. Spendor D Line loudspeakers feature our most innovative design ideas and advanced technologies. D Line is designed for demanding music lovers who want the best no-compromise performance.

Classic Line

The Classic Line are traditional designs that deliver an immersive listening experience and transport the listener back to the sweet sounds of Spendor's BBC designs.

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