Jay Rein, President 

Jay ReinJay is in charge of sales, marketing, new product recruitment and business management. If you come to a Bluebird event the chances are Jay will be there, as he is on the road 90 nights a year visiting dealers and exhibiting at audio shows and dealer events. Before starting Bluebird Jay ran a computer distributor and software development company for twelve years. There, he designed and sold a highly successful commercial CRM software application which is still sold and used throughout the world today. 

Jay’s training includes a B. Comm. in hospitality management and an MBA in finance and marketing. Jay believes in business process management; he thinks ’big company’ and hopes to turn Bluebird into one, someday. Jay has coached hockey for 17 seasons and is a certified hockey coach and hockey trainer. He plays guitar, (HD28 and a ‘67 Tele), and is an avid runner, sailor and baseball fan. Jay’s taste in music is best summed up as: ‘for those about to rock'.

Richard Colburn, Sales Manager

Richard ColburnRichard Colburn has been working in the audio industry for over 35 years.  From audio retail management to owning his own rep firm in the 1970s, he went on to work on a national sales level for companies like Nakamichi, KEF, API, AudioQuest and Auralic.

Richard has never lost his passion for audio and looks forward to new developments in audio with an eagerness that belies his maturity. In addition to audio he enjoys driving his BMW M car at club events, reading science fiction and playing bass guitar.

Chris Morris, Product Specialist

Chris MorrisChris is our product expert. His role is to provide knowledge, expertise, ideas and support to our network of excellent dealers. With ten years of high-level experience in audio, sales, training and support, Chris will help Bluebird Music deliver world-class service and support.

Chris started in the IT world as a Certified Trainer at Apple then followed his passion for music and hi-fi into retail sales at an audio store. Next he spent four years as National Training Manager for a major audio distributor helping dealers implement complex network streaming solutions. Most recently he was Head of Global Technical Support for Auralic. Outside of work Chris enjoys motoring his Fiat Abarth around the Colorado cannon bends and getting out of the car whenever a good photo opportunity hits him.

Katherine ReinKatherine Rein, Finance and Logistics Manager

Katherine came in to help one particularly busy day many years ago and never managed to escape. Today, she manages our two warehouses, as well as purchasing, receiving, inventory, shipping, returns and repairs and all import and export documentation. She also manages and coordinates all trade shows and dealer events, and coordinates Bluebird’s sales reps, service techs and bookkeeper. It’s actually quite a lot more work than you might think. As you can see, when she's not indoors Katherine likes to be outdoors.




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