Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show Report - Denver

Sat, 09 Oct 2010

Bluebird Music presented a high end system consisting of the new Peak Consult InCognito XII loudspeakers, Chord Electronics Red Reference Mk II CD Player, CPA 5000 pre-amplifier and world renowned 500 watt SPM 1400 mono-blocks. The system, connected with Van den Hul SuperNova and MC Silver cables, had a fantastic synergy with an incredibly natural tonal balance, gorgeous textures and layers of music, with speed, articulation and stunning dynamics.

"Peak Consult is a new brand for Jay Rein’s Bluebird Music, and the company’s attractive InCognito XII loudspeaker ($22,000/pair) sounded just perfectly at home with Chord Electronics’ Red Reference MkII CD player ($25,900), CPA 5000 preamp ($21, 900), and 500Wpc SPM 1400 monoblocks ($32,900/pair). Cables were Van den Hul’s Nova speaker wire ($3,295) and MC Silver Mk III interconnects ($7,268).

Rein played a fun track by a band called Bluezeum- 'funk with a side of blues!' - and the sound was marked by fast, clean transients and big, tight bass."  - Stephen Mejias, Stereophile RMAF Show Report, Oct. 2010

"Probably one of the best rooms."

"Perfect in this room."

"Hearing jazz on this set up gives me the creeps."

"I have never heard a Violin like this."

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