About Us

Welcome to Bluebird Music! Since 2000, Bluebird Music has been bringing high-quality two-channel audio products into North America, from some of the world’s best-known manufacturers.

The World’s Finest Audio Products

AVM A6.2 ME integrated amplifierFor the past 20 plus years, we have been carefully building an exceptional portfolio. We distribute some of the world’s finest audio products and each of our partners’ product lines has been carefully chosen to offer supreme musicality, outstanding build quality and superior value.

Every brand in our high-class portfolio brings something unique and very special to a crowded audio market. At Bluebird Music, we have international brands with a worldwide reputation for excellence that simply must be heard.

The Nation’s Finest Audio Dealers

Over the years, we’ve also developed an exceptional network of dealers, the finest in the country in fact. Bluebird products are only sold through our network of highly skilled authorized dealers and we only authorize dealers who are fully committed to properly demonstrate and support our world-class brands. Our dealer network has both the expertise and passion to create some truly exceptional music-playback systems.

Our Experience and Market Power Work for You

To ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Bluebird continuously shops for the best domestic and international shippers. To control costs, we maintain multiple shipping accounts and we are discerning and responsive when booking shipments. We also consolidate imports and exports across our portfolio of brands to further enhance our cost-competitiveness. To our surprise, we’ve learned that this is a skill that takes years of practice and we don’t mind saying we’re pretty good at it now!

While shipping costs are always rising, our costs are declining because over the years, we’ve gained a high level of expertise in this crucial area. Bluebird’s experience and economy of scale means that you can purchase our world-leading brands at extremely competitive prices, something that is not always true of imported audio.

First-Rate Service

Exceptional products should also come with exceptional service. To this end, Bluebird pays careful attention to customer service. To expedite product delivery, returns and warranty service, Bluebird has two highly efficient warehouses and three first-rate authorized service technicians in strategic locations across the country. All customs paperwork, call tag, damage, repair and warranty issues are handled expertly, efficiently and quickly in-house, removing the burden from dealers and expediting quality service in a manner completely transparent to you, the customer.

Wholesale Only

Please note, Bluebird Music does not sell directly to the public. Sales and service for our products is available only through our network of Authorized Dealers.