Jadis JP80 MC Phono PreamplifierJadis Reference Phono Preamplifier

As Jadis’ flagship stereo pre-amplifier, the JP80MC comes complete with built in MM/MC phono and an outboard power supply to exemplify rewards of ultimate fidelity.

Featuring both an MM and MC phono input with the ability to accommodate cartridges with very low output, as well as four line inputs, the JP80MC delivers stunning sound from the blackest of backgrounds with virtually any analog source you wish to use.

The JP80MC is also provided with an over-size outboard power supply which preserves the delicate audio signal. Enormous technical effort has been invested in the continuing evolutionary development of the JP80MC to solidify its assured status amongst the world’s very best phono preamps.

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The JP80MC is one of the great preamplifiers, it never ceases to amaze its listener. We have decided to give this JP80MC our highest award: '5 stars - State of the Art', for its exceptional musicality.


Features and Specifications

The JP80 MC features premium passive parts including select wire and specialized capacitors for optimum fidelity, a tube regulated high-voltage outboard power supply for low noise and ultimate musicality, a buffered fixed level tape output to prevent “loading” for optimum dynamic performance, and like all Jadis components it features a high-quality non-magnetic stainless-steel chassis and handmade construction in Villedubert, France.

Tube complement includes: 2 x ECC88, 6 x ECC83, 1 x EF86, 1 x EL84. Gain 20dB line level, 57 dB on MM phono and 84dB on MC phono. Bandwidth 20Hz – 50kHz. Two 17”x 14”x 7” chassis design with a system weight of 66 lbs.

As the best-selling Jadis preamp, the JP80MC’s beguiling sonic performance makes it the phono preamp of choice amongst discerning music lovers throughout the world.