Musicality Other DACs Can Only Dream Of

The JS2 MkIV DAC is a recently updated DAC offering the signature Jadis sound that music lovers around the world adore. The MkIV version features all new digital circuitry including an optimized USB digital input with 24 bit / 384KHz DAC technology and an optimized analog section featuring upgraded components with balanced circuitry and XLR balanced outputs.

With its dual AKM 4497 new generation DAC sets, an advanced filtered and regulated 4-stage power supply, a fully upgraded balanced analog section, and a symmetrical processing design for the digital section similar to the JS1, the JS2 MkIV offers outstanding resolution, more effective digital noise suppression and the ability to effortlessly drive any preamplifier. Like all Jadis digital products, the JS2 delivers a distinctive analog sound music lovers crave; musically warm & engaging with excellent dynamic contrast and energy while revealing with exquisite musical detail.

The JS2 MkIV features 4 digital inputs including SPDIF, AES/EBU, Optical ST & USB uses 4 x ECC82 tubes in the audio signal circuit. Dimensions 18″ wide, 12.8″ deep and 4.9” inches tall. Weight 29lbs.