Jadis JPL MkII Tube PreamplifierThe Magic Starts Here

The new JPL MkII is one of those rare products that will deliver a dramatic improvement to your system and bring you closer to the illusion of live music than you ever thought possible.

The JPL MkII will open your ears to a world of improved transparency, dynamic range and tonal shades and colors. One of the unique advantages of Jadis is that this purity of sound comes without sacrificing musical timing, rhythmic drive or deep, tight, fast bass.

This wonderful preamplifier features tube regulation via EL86 & EF86 tubes in the power supply section which improves stability and low noise performance under all conditions while allowing the music to flow in a more organic manner. Thus the JPL MkII achieves tonal balance, focus and dimensionality of sound that is unheard of at this price level.

Jadis JPL MkII Preamp InsideA Beautiful Design

The recently updated JPL MkII offers five RCA inputs that run through a compliment of three ECC83 tubes. One of these inputs, labeled as “CD”, features an additional ECC82 input buffer tube to obliviate any potential impedance mismatching that may occur, to provide the fullest performance of bandwidth and tonality. The tape monitor also features full monitoring capability with a proper buffered line output to prevent “loading” for top-tier dynamic performance.

Features and Specifications

The JPL MkII features a tube regulated high-voltage power supply which results in a lower noise floor and more natural musical flow. Premium passive parts including select wire and unique capacitors enhance fidelity. A buffered fixed level tape output prevents ‘loading’ delivering optimum dynamics and a CD input features a unity gain 12AU7 tube impedance buffer allows the amplifier to reproduce music across maximum bandwidth.

The JPL uses 1 x EL86, 1 x EF86 in the power supply, 1 x ECC82 CD buffer and 3 x ECC83 tubes in the audio signal circuit. Bandwidth 20Hz – 70KHz @-3dB. Dimensions 17″ wide, 11.4″ deep and 6.7 inches tall. Weight 33lbs.

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