Canton Loudspeakers

Introducing Canton

With meticulous German precision and uncompromising build quality, Canton loudspeakers bring your home entertainment system to life.

Whether it’s the Broncos of Brahms, Canton’s innovative drive unit technology and cabinet designs deliver ultra-wide bandwidth performance with no unwanted cabinet coloration. The result is a loudspeaker with outstanding transparency that delivers crystal clear highs and deep growling bass. Canton loudspeakers sound natural and lively and are an easy step up to better sound.

With designs that have been tested and proven over 50 years, Canton has become established as a true world leader in loudspeaker technology.

Every pair is meticulously hand built in Europe and individually quality tested to ensure the highest standards, then backed with a generous five year warranty.

As one of the three largest loudspeaker companies in Europe, Canton Loudspeakers enjoys economies of scale that smaller companies cannot match. You simply won’t find a better built, better sounding loudspeaker for the money.

No matter what the budget, room, decor, or application, there’s a Canton model that’s just perfect for you. Click above picture for a larger image.

Canton Speakers