AVM PA 5.2 Preamplifier and SA 6.3 Stereo Amplifier

High Performance Separates

AVM’s exclusive 83T triode vacuum tubes provide the PA 5.2’s distinctive, lifelike sound quality. The A 5.2 is a full-featured line-stage preamplifier with modular construction that can accommodate the same optional plug-in cards as the A 5.2. Connectivity is assured with five line inputs, subwoofer connector, and both unbalanced and balanced XLR output connections to power amplifiers are provided. A front-panel headphone output is switchable to provide an additional input for external music players.

The SA 6.3 is as powerful as most monoblocks, with output of 225 watts per channel—but it does so from a single, elegant chassis. Three separate power supplies and a hefty toroidal power transformer ensure that the fully-balanced circuitry with 20 high-current MOSFET output devices per channel will reproduce music with all its power and impact. Balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) inputs are both provided, and 2 sets of speaker terminals can be used for biwiring. The AVM Intelligent Remote and 10v input trigger provide compatibility with any system.