Rotation R 30.3

The R 30.3 turntable is a belt-drive turntable that comes complete with AVM’s own tonearm and Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge pre-mounted.

Based on AVM’s highly awarded R 2.3 Mk II, the 30.3 includes the identical 9″ tonearm designed by AVM. This stable, ultra low mass tonearm with precise bearing provides the basis for am emotionally engaging musical performance.

The R 30.3 features a solid 35 mm HDF composite frame lacquered and reinforced with a polished aluminum front panel. The frames are made of cement-powdered HDF, glued together with hand-ground anodized aluminum parts and thus additionally stiffened. The use of these different materials creates a vibration-damping sandwich construction that provides an almost completely resonance-free, solid base for the frosted and internally illuminated acrylic turntable. The precise upside-down bearings are further precision parts that are mainly responsible for the remarkably smooth running of the R 30.3. An intelligent, fully electronic look-forward servo control allows the turntable to rotate precisely and constantly.

The acrylic platter can be illuminated by white LEDs which can be dimmed or turned off. A hinged acrylic dust cover is standard. The supplied counterweight is suitable for cartridges between 6 and 14 grams. Tonearm mass is 13.5 grams and the entire unit weighs 20 pounds. Stocked in silver finish only.

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First-class manual belt drive with excellent tonearm. Precise, with very good timing and a touch of warmth. Almost unrivalled at the asking price.

STEREO, Germany

Precision mechanics at its best: the tonearm is the hero of the player. Outstanding price/performance.

Stereoplay, 1st Place Golden Ear Award 2023