There are dozens of brands of personal and portable audio products available, made by everyone from mom-and-pop shops to multinational giants. What sets Questyle gear apart from the other brands?

Questyle QPM Music Player

Sound Quality

The whole purpose of audio products is to reproduce music, and Questyle products do that beautifully. Reviewers have noted the Questyle sound as having “incredible resolution”, as being “fatigue free”, and “as good as it gets”.

Questyle sound quality is a direct result of the company’s relentless drive to develop technology that works better and sounds better. The focus is on performance—not buzz-words.

Questyle CMA Twelve Inside


Questyle products feature leading-edge technologies that were completely designed and developed in-house. Questyle products are unique, not me-too generic devices with a brand name slapped on them.

Proprietary, patented technologies include Current Mode Amplification, which increases bandwidth and reduces noise and distortion to levels that challenge the best test equipment to even measure them; the 5G High-end Wireless Audio System, which enables lossless wireless connections with superior range and stability; Pure Class A BIAS Control, which ensures that amplifiers operate in Class A mode, providing the purest sound and lowest distortion, even when presented with a difficult load; IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) Digital Filters, which eliminate the metallic sound artifacts familiar as “digititis”; and True Direct Stream Digital, allowing DSD files to be played back in their pure state, without converting them to PCM or muddying the signal with DoP.

Those are just a few of the many innovations that make Questyle products unique—and better.

Design Quality

Questyle’s strategic partner, the Foxconn Technology Group, builds every Questyle product. Foxconn is known worldwide for the flawless finish and incredible solidity of everything they manufacture, and Questyle products are often compared to high-end products that cost ten times as much.

Build Quality

Questyle products are built to last, and their quality of design ensures pleasure in use and pride of ownership, for decades to come. Questyle products have received the CES Innovation Award and the prestigious iF Design Award, and reviewer Jeff Dorgay wrote that a $1,295 Questyle headphone amp looked “like something you’d expect from [Swiss high-end manufacturer] Nagra—and that’s one of the highest compliments I can pay it.”

All these elements add up to solid value— and products that look, feel, and sound better than they have any right to, at their modest prices. That’s the Questyle difference.