Reference Line Preamplifier

The JPS2 is a dual-chassis, six RCA input stereo line pre-amplifier featuring a buffered output tape monitor loop. With its high-voltage, tube regulated outboard power supply, point-to-point wiring, specialized coupling capacitors, gold plated connectors and high quality wiring, the JPS2 offers you a reference line preamplifier that offers the best of Jadis signature sound.

A unique feature of the JPS2 outboard high voltage power supply is the implementation of an 80Hz operating frequency which provides superior low noise performance compared to power supplies running at the typical USA mains frequency of 60Hz.

The JPS2 comes standard with a dual volume control design for the most direct signal path and the ultimate in sound transparency. As a convenience option, the JPS2 may be ordered with the volume controls “ganged” together for simple one touch operation.

The JPS2 uses 1 x ECC82 and 3 x ECC83 tubes, and the power supply uses 1 x EF86 and 1 x EL84. Aux/Tape Gain 24dB, CD Gain 18dB, 6 line inputs, 1 buffered tape loop, unbalanced. Bandwidth 20Hz – 74kHz. Two 17”x 14”x 7” chassis design with a system weight of 68 lbs.

Jadis JPS2 Preamplifier

JPS2 Features

  • 80Hz Tube regulated high-voltage power supply for lowest noise natural musical flow
  • Premium passive parts including select wire and specialized capacitors for optimal fidelity
  • Buffered fixed level tape output to prevent “loading” for optimum dynamic performance
  • CD input featuring a unity gain 12AU7 tube impedance buffer for maximum bandwidth
  • Non-magnetic stainless-steel chassis for strength of construction and low noise
  • Handmade in Villedubert, France