Why Weiss?

With digital sources at the heart of most home sound systems, the performance of the digital to analog converter (DAC) has become increasingly important. It’s not just a matter of sound quality, but of the ability to process a wide variety of inputs, and to do it accurately, and reliably. What do Weiss DACs have to offer, that other brands don’t?


No, it’s not yet another obscure audio acronym—we’re talking about the lineage of Weiss products. Daniel Weiss was an engineer at Studer at the beginning of the digital audio era, and founded Weiss Engineering ‘way back in 1985. For the last 35 years, Weiss DACs and processors have been found in mastering and recording studios, working flawlessly day after day, year after year. Pros don’t tolerate poor performance, and they won’t put up with products that break. Since 2000, Weiss has brought the same cutting-edge performance and bulletproof reliability to products that demanding music-lovers and audiophiles like you can have in their homes.

Weiss DAC RemotePerformance

Your favorite albums may have been mastered using Weiss converters—so is it any surprise that the Weiss DACs you can have in your home are among the quietest, best-sounding, highest resolution DACs made? In their Stereophile reviews, both John Atkinson and Jason Victor Serinus raved about the sound quality and versatility of the DAC502, and of its performance on his testbench, Atkinson wrote, “it just doesn’t get any better than this.”


Most DACs can’t do anything to improve the performance of your audio system. Weiss Engineering is also a leader in digital signal processing (DSP), and Weiss DACs include unique DSP algorithms that can enhance your listening experience:

  • Room Equalizer, which can be used to suppress room modes;
  • Creative Equalizer, with low, mid, and high boost/cut to correct less than optimal recordings;
  • De-essing, which removes overly-bright sibilance;
  • Constant volume, which adjusts volume level across all cuts being played;
  • Vinyl Emulation, which mimics the sonic characteristics of LPs;
  • Crosstalk Cancellation (XTC), which allows playback of binaural dummy-head recordings through loudspeakers;
  • Loudness Control, for equalizing low listening levels;
  • Headphone Equalization, allowing adjustment of frequency response to individual listener’s ears.
  • In addition, both units are Roon Ready, capable of using the incredibly powerful Roon music management software.


Not only are all Weiss products built to the standards you’d expect of a Swiss company, able to work flawlessly for decades to come—but you can say the same of Weiss Engineering, the company. They’ve built an unrivalled reputation over three and a half decades, and you can be sure they’ll be around for decades to come. Why Weiss? That’s why.

Weiss Engineering DAC 501 Silver

It's an easy recommendation. Check it out -- you won't regret it.

Uday Reddy, SoundStage Ultra, January 2019

I summed my measurements of the Weiss DAC202 by writing 'The DAC202 is the best-measuring D/A processor I have measured in my quarter-century career at Stereophile. It just doesn't get any better than this.' Weiss's DAC502 matched the DAC202 by also performing supremely well on the test bench.

John Atkinson, Stereophile, August 2020

Would I recommend the Weiss DAC502? In a heartbeat. It doesn't merely sound clear, alive, full, and supremely musical; it also offers a headphone jack and a host of DSP options. I would be more than content to live with the DAC502 for many years to come.

David Price, Hi-Fi News, December 2018