German Engineering. Sublime Musicality

Innovation, engineering, design, precision, build quality, sound quality. As you would expect from luxury German engineering, every AVM product has been carefully conceived, beautifully designed, integrated into a holistic product line and impeccably executed. The result is incredible sound from beautiful products that are truly easy to use, and deliver a lifetime of musical enjoyment and pride of ownership.


AVM MA 8.3 Monoblock AmplifierDesigned For Musical Bliss

AVM’s reason for being is to bring you musical joy. AVM delivers a sweet, natural sound: nothing electronic, forced or artificial in the sound, just pure natural tone with good transparency and minimal coloration. There’s a sense that you are listening to real music, not hi-fi.


Preserving The Delicate Audio Signal

To achieve their sonic goals, AVM carefully pursues minimalist designs. This means uncomplicated circuits with short signal paths and a minimal number of components, thus preserving the delicate audio signal in its purest form. Every electronic and mechanical component is carefully tested and evaluated to ensure it preserves the purity of the audio signal and optimizes sound quality.


Tube Line Stage For The Most Natural Tone

Music is about tone: a cello needs to sound like an instrument made of wood. It’s widely accepted that vacuum tubes render the most natural and authentic tone. AVM combines custom-made tubes with solid state components to get the best of both worlds—tone and detail. AVM tubes are small and gently-driven, so they don’t wear out or produce a lot of heat like the output tubes in full-blown tube amplifiers. Thus AVM gives you the best of both worlds – the natural tone and beauty of tubes, but without the heat and hassle.


The Best Sounding All-In-Ones

AVM CS 8.3 All-In-OneAVM’s all-in-one streaming receivers feature Pascal class D amplification; widely regarded as the best-sounding class D modules made. AVM all-in-ones deliver very high power from a small, efficient and cool running amplifier, with unrivalled sonic performance and reliability. Upsampling is standard on AVM all-in-one units for state-of-the-art sound quality right from the source. Unlike most other all-in-one systems, AVM products benefit from superior high-end engineering and utilize custom-made, ultra-high-quality components specially-built for the best sound quality at AVM’s cutting-edge facility.


Best-of-Breed Apps and Ease of Use

Today’s audio products are only as good as their apps. With years of experience building the industry’s best streaming products, AVM apps feature mature technology that’s been tested, refined, and proven over years of development with thousands of users.

AVM products offer the very latest technology for the playback of all digital sources, and feature best-in class app control with their new X-Stream Hi-Res engine. All digital streaming formats are supported in a beautiful and easy to use graphical user interface with the new, simple to use, and visually engaging RCX App, including Apple Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, Roon Ready, UPnP, Internet Radio, and Hi-Fi Bluetooth.

RCX provides convenient control on all iOS and Android devices, and the X-Stream engine also supports the playback of all digital content with a Quad DAC, processing 384kHz / 32 bit PCM and DSD128. The RC-9 color display remote control is an available option.


AVM CS 8.3 All-In-One with Flight Case
Fanatical Build Quality

As you would expect from any premium German brand, AVM is obsessive about detail and build quality. For example, examine the casework: every product enclosure is superbly machined and constructed, with no visible screws or fasteners—everything fits together beautifully. Touch the buttons, turn the knobs: they have the feel of a precision instrument. AVM’s attention to detail and passion to build superb-quality components is evident, everywhere you look and touch.