Materials Development Expertise

Very few loudspeaker companies can offer you the sophisticated advanced materials engineering that Canton can, and even fewer can bring this technology to you in an affordable loudspeaker. Below are some of the unique innovations that sets Canton apart from the competition.

Canton Tweeter Technology

Canton’s advanced materials research program has allowed Canton to achieve outstanding accomplishments in tweeter development. Canton’s tweeters utilize highly advanced aluminum and ceramics materials to produce tweeters that are lighter, stiffer, and give more extended and linear performance. Whether you listen to our entry-level GLE series or top-of-the-line Reference series you will be impressed with the sweet, natural, extended, crystal clear highs.

Canton tweeterVento. Vento series tweeters are upgraded to a ceramic version which is even lighter and stiffer than the tweeter used in the lower series. Ceramic tweeters are used in exotic loudspeakers, sometimes costing ten times the price of more-typical tweeters, for their more linear and extended frequency response. Canton adds a unique front place which optimizes dispersion. The Canton Vento series tweeters have a sweeter, more natural sound and play cleaner and louder with a larger sweet spot, allowing you to enjoy better sound regardless of where you place the speakers or where you sit in your listening room.

Reference Series. When you move up to the Reference line the tweeter is further upgraded to the most advanced ceramic-tungsten technology. An elaborate manufacturing process converts up to 20% of the existing molecular structure of the aluminum cone to a ceramic structure and reinforced with tungsten particles. This innovative technology produces the optimum weight to stiffness ratio for improved linear damping and the sweetest, clearest, most natural treble possible.

Canton Woofer Technology

All Canton woofers start with Canton’s own composite, slim baffle baskets which provide a stiff and stable foundation for the cones, creating the unique Canton sound – lots of sound pressure and depth, neutral mid-range and finely resolved treble with well-balanced sound characteristics for fatigue-free listening pleasure. The medium-sized three-way models, which feature two 7.6” bass units and a 6.8” mid-range driver, deliver deep, tight, growling bass all the way down to 20 Hertz!

Double cone drivers deliver increased cone stiffness without adding weight for a more linear-performing woofer. This results in less coloration and greater transparency creating a cleaner, faster, more accurate sound than ordinary loudspeakers using paper or poly-derived cone materials. As you move up to the Vento series the cones are upgraded to double layer titanium graphite which are even lighter and stiffer, further enhancing sonic performance. The Reference K series ceramic-tungsten drive units are the ultimate expression of the craft, producing the optimum weight to stiffness ratio for improved damping, and resulting in an incredibly clean, fast, natural sound.

Canton wooferTriple folded wave surrounds are another clever Canton technology featured on all Vento, Smart and Reference models. The triple fold surrounds give a controlled, faultless swing-in and swing-out behavior and allows for maximum excursion for the cones. This allows the speakers to move more air from a smaller drive unit, so you get bigger sound from a smaller cabinet. The triple fold design also ensures accurate, well controlled sound even at high volume.

Bass-guide system is another Canton innovation that moves vibrations away from the cabinets, eliminates flow noise from the port and makes in-room placement far less critical compared to rear-ported speakers. This port system ingeniously maximizes internal cabinet volume from any given cabinet size, allowing a smaller speaker to perform like a larger speaker.

Wave surround technology, utilized on both tweeters and woofers, is a feature on all ranges of speakers. It improves driver to room coupling to ensure greater dispersion and reduce edge resonances. This results in cleaner sound and reduces the need for listeners to sit in the “sweet spot”.

Canton Vento LoudspeakersSuperior Cabinet Construction

Laminated Ply Cabinets. While many loudspeaker makers use MDF for their cabinet construction, once you step up to Vento, cabinets are upgraded to a curved multi-layer laminated-ply construction. The curved design eliminates internal standing waves which cause coloration, and the laminated construction is infinitely stiffer, further reducing vibration. Curved laminated-ply cabinets are normally only used in the highest quality loudspeakers costing significantly more money, so it’s a testament to Canton’s manufacturing efficiencies and value proposition that they can offer such outstanding quality in loudspeakers at these price points.

Perfectly Finished Surfaces. All speakers are manufactured at Canton’s own factories, which enables them to maintain the strictest quality standards, minimize tolerances, eliminate faults, and maintain the high standards of quality control. Smart and Vento series cabinets feature a high-quality high-gloss finish, lacquered and sealed in an elaborate multistage process. These first-class finishes will provide years of enjoyment and pride of ownership. High quality, acoustically neutral fabric covers are elegantly attached using magnetic fastenings.

Canton Reference models are finished with a super-premium high gloss ‘piano finish’ which is applied and polished in a painstaking 12 stage process. This gives the Reference K Series models an appearance of extraordinary depth. Acoustically optimized, two-part fabric covers with magnetic fastenings complete the exclusive look.

All Canton loudspeakers deliver extraordinary value and lasting durability.