Weiss DAC204DAC204_front

The DAC204 is the most versatile and affordable USB DAC offered by Weiss. It can be permanently connected to multiple digital units and the user can easily switch between them with the front-mounted Input Selector switch.

The DAC204 has three digital inputs; USB, Toslink and S/PDIF and two analog outputs; balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA. It accepts all standard sampling frequencies from PCM 44.1kHz up to 384 kHz plus DSD 64x and 128x, and it can convert DSD to PCM.

It employs no less than four oversampling sigma-delta D/A converters per channel, operated in parallel for enhanced signal-to-noise performance. Several signal reclocking schemes are combined for a high jitter attenuation.

An optional headphones adapter turns DAC204 into a high-end headphone amp/DAC.

204 Back


An external power supply is included with the unit. All sensitive voltages have their own linear regulators. The result is an analog output free of “digital noise” and channel crosstalk. The DAC204 delivers a clean, neutral presentation with a high degree of musical integrity and excellent detail and separation of instruments.

The DAC204 is housed in a simple black chassis with a silver faceplate and delivers outstanding sonic performance for the money. Dimensions are 6.5” deep, by 4.2” wide by 3.8” tall. Features found on Weiss’ DAC501 and DAC 502 such as DSP, remote control and headphone output are not offered on the DAC204 nor is the DAC204 networkable / roon ready.

The Weiss DAC204 is a D/A converter for people looking for a no frills DAC with a small footprint that sounds as finely nuanced, fluid, fit and full as your music demands.

Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines, July 2023

This DAC has a clarity and crispness that I have never heard in this price range...The 204 is a bonafide winner, a bargain in the world of high end DACs.

Steve Huff Reviews, June 2023