Jadis JA500 MkII monoblocksJA500 MkII Jadis’ Statement Monoblock Amplifier

The JA500 Mk II is an improved version of Jadis’ flagship amplifier, the JA800. The JA500 has the same number of tubes as the old JA800 but offers significant improvements in reliability and ease of set up. The newer JA500 MkII delivers state-of-the-art sound quality with the ability to handle virtually any loudspeaker.

The JA500 Mk II is a four chassis system with separate power supplies and delivers a mind-blowing 350 watts. It uses a total of 28 x KT120, 6 x ECC82, 2 x ECC83 and 4 x EF86 tubes. Total weight 525 lbs, power consumption 1,000 watts per channel. Class AB, autobias.

Despite its massive power capability the new JA500 remains very highly musical. This state-of-the-art tube power amplifier is able to handle virtually any speaker with ease and grace. The JA500's essence can best be summed up as an iron fist in a velvet glove.

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