Rotation R 5.3

AVM Rotation R 5.3 TurntableThe R 5.3 is a belt-drive turntable with a difference. Most belt-driven turntables simply have the belt driven by a pulley atop the drive motor, with the belt encircling a sub-platter —an asymmetric drive which can result in a rocking motion or imbalance against the platter’s bearing spindle.

The R 5.3’s 12-pound platter rests atop a sub-platter driven by the unique Elipso-Centric belt drive system, which features a pulley opposite the servo-controlled DC motor so the sub-platter is driven evenly from both sides. The result is superb rhythmic smoothness and drive. Coupled with a precision-machined steel spindle running in a permanently-lubricated bronze bushing, running on a ceramic thrust-plate, the R 5.3’s construction ensures decades of ultra-silent, trouble-free operation.

AVM’s attention to detail carries over to the 10” medium-mass tonearm; its chrome-plated aluminum shaft is gimbal-mounted with close-tolerance bearings. With adjustable azimuth, VTA, and anti-skating, the arm will derive superb performance from a wide range of cartridges, and its oil-damped cueing will make it easy to use. The massive 60mm-thick plinth is constructed of high-density composite wrapped in brushed, black or silver aluminum. Resting on adjustable damping feet, the structure is superbly stable and impervious to external feedback and vibrations.AVM Rotation 5.3 Turntable Winner Absolute Sound Editors' Choice Award 2021

As with the R 2.3, the R 5.3’s acrylic platter can be illuminated by blue LEDs which can be dimmed or turned off. A hinged acrylic dustcover is standard, and a stunning all-chrome Cellini version, shown at bottom of page, is also available at extra cost. The R 5.3 weighs in at a hefty 37 pounds.

The AVM R 5.3 is a really good turntable in many ways. It is unusually compact, easy to set up and use, and provides excellent sound quality with a wide range of cartridges. The built-in tonearm is easy to adjust, and the cueing is smooth and precise. It seems unusually resistant to any form of hum and noise, sonic breakthrough, and room vibration. The R 5.3 measured very well in tempo and pitch without any hint of resonance-induced coloration. it has a surprising amount of mass for a relatively compact design and it can provide very good lower midrange and deep bass with a lot of clarity and detail. As such, the AVM R 5.3 is easy to recommend.

Anthony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound, Editors' Choice Award 2021

We were impressed with how lively and pure the turntable sounded. A decidedly developed, mature and in every respect high-end sound.

Stereo Magazine, August 2019

Forget everything you’ve ever read about quality turntables. Because this AVM teaches you that the ultimate high end is still available at a high but affordable price.

HiFi Musik Journal, Germany

The opulent drive base and a top-class tonearm offer perfect working conditions for high-profile pickups. A superior turntable for real vinyl freaks.

Stereoplay, Germany

Rotation R 5.3 Cellini Edition

AVM Cellini Rotation R 5.3 Turntable