AVM PA 8.3 Preamplifier and SA 8.3 Stereo Amplifier

Reference Stereo System

Elite world class sound quality, fully future-proof and outstanding value for money.

The PA 8.3 retains the 8.2’s modular structure, but features an improved linear power supply and processor-based controls. Plug-in input and output options include phono, DAC, tuner, tone control, and tube line stage cards. The phono stage is configurable for either moving coil or moving magnet cartridges with a full range of loading options; the quad DAC has four digital inputs, all of which can be used simultaneously, and supports PCM files up to 384 kHz/32 bits and DSD files up to DSD 128.

The tube line stage utilizes a pair of AVM’s own 803T dual-triodes. A separate Class A headphone amp produces non-fatiguing, smooth sound for extended personal listening sessions. Streaming from Qobuz, TIDAL, UPnP and webradio allows for effortless listening, conveniently controlled by iOS or Android apps. A full-function remote control is optional. The PA 8.3’s plug-in capabilities ensure that all future formats can be played, for decades to come.

The SA 8.3 amplifier provides effortless power with 450 watts/channel, backed by massive dual power supplies with a separate toroidal transformer for each channel. The tube input stage preserves delicate musical detail and ambience, and ultra-short signal paths and capacitor banks mounted on the high-current MOSFET output stages combine for superb transient response and unlimited dynamic range. Variable trigger inputs and an USB software update port guarantee system compatibility and future-proof performance.

Click on image for inside view of preamplifier.