AVM CS 2.3 All-In-One Streaming Receiver

All-In-One Network Streamer

AVM AppThe new AVM CS 5.3 all-in-one network streamer occupies the middle position between AVM’s entry level CS 2.3 and its flagship CS 8.3 all-in-one network streamers.

The CS 5.3 includes all the features and connectivity of AVM’s flagship CS 8.3 player, but also adds a high performance MM / MC phono stage with adjustable gain and loading.

The CS 5.3 also features AVM’s RC X APP which is a simple, easy to use app with a clear and intuitive user interface that makes managing large music collections child’s play.

AVM’s X-Stream Engine® can stream all high-resolution formats up to resolutions of 384/32, including DSD (256). This streaming engine was developed in-house by AVM and is completely software based so it can be updated online providing a future-proof platform. Supported formats include: Spotify, TIDAL Connect, QOBUZ, and Webradio and more to come in the future.

The digital section of the CS 5.3 was completely upgraded with the new ESS9028 PRO Double-Quad DAC. The new circuit uses four DACs per channel in parallel and offers a substantial improvement in sound quality. It reproduces all high-resolution formats as close to the original as possible.

One of the unique aspects of the CS 5.3 is its Tube Line Stage, which is located in the preamplifier section of the CS 5.3. Thanks to tubes specially made for AVM, and AVM’s proprietary circuit technology, the CS 5.3 delivers resolution and tonal charm rarely found in all-in-one components. With approximately 20,000 hours playing time, the tubes will last almost forever.

In terms of sound quality the AVM CS 5.3 delivers a significant gain over the predecessor. The completely new amplifier stages now provide an impressive 180 watts of continuous power and can easily handle any loudspeaker.

In comparison to the entry-level CS 2.3, which is analogous to most other company’s flagship all-in-ones, the CS 5.3 features include: a more sophisticated design, higher quality components used in the analog circuit, analog inputs that are switched by higher quality relay, (instead of IC), a larger more robust aluminum chassis, two pair of speaker outputs, an upgraded headphone amplifier, an upgraded phono stage more analog inputs and outputs.

US retail price of the AVM CS 5.3 is $11,995, ($15,995 Canadian). The CS 5.3 is in stock at Bluebird Music now in both black and silver finishes. An optional Cellini finish is available at extra cost by special order.

AVM CS 2.3 Streaming Receiver Rear View