Introducing Fezz Audio

Fezz Audio is an Eastern European manufacturer of exceptional vacuum tube amplifiers, preamps, and integrated amps, and Bluebird Audio is pleased to represent the brand in the US.

Fezz offers amplifiers in both single-ended and push-pull configurations, allowing customers to choose their preference, and pair loudspeakers with the most suitable amplifier. Fezz’s single-ended amps are the first in the world to feature toroidal output transformers, which preserve the unique character of SE amps while optimally coupling their limited power output to loudspeakers.

The quality of tube amplifiers is largely determined by the quality of its output transformers, and Fezz is sister company to Toroidy, which supplies high-quality toroidal transformers to a number of well-known manufacturers. The unique relationship with Toroidy provides Fezz with superb-quality toroidal power and output transformers designed specifically for their amplifiers, at a lower cost than ordinary transformers from outside vendors.

Why toroidal transformers? Toroidal power transformers have far lower flux leakage and less radiated energy than standard EI laminated transformers. This ensures that sensitive circuits won’t pick up noise from the power supply. Fezz’s toroidal output transformers provide extended bandwidth, flat frequency response, and low distortion; a patented winding process guarantees uniformity.

Fezz amplifiers are equal or superior to those of well-known brands, at very attractive prices.

Above: Fezz Evolution Titania in Sunlight finish.
Below: Fezz Legacy Titania in Republika finish.


The Mira Ceti is a very good amplifier at a very good price.

Stuart Smith, HiFi Pig, August 2019

An excellent and very quiet amplifier, it is firmly recommended.

David Neice, Wall of Sound, April 2019

It has that ideal balance between tube goodness, the warmth, the body, the soul, and yet at the same time, it does pretty well in terms of clarity and detail and resolution… it’s right in the sweet spot. That’s a rare talent.

Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac, Silver Luna Prestige, August 2023

At its price it can only be considered a flat-out bargain. Wholeheartedly recommended.

Alex Halberstadt, Stereophile, Silver Luna Prestige, August 2023