Jadis DA88S integrated amplifier silver faceplate

“Spectacular” Award-Winning Pure Class A Integrated

As Jadis’ most powerful integrated amplifier, the DA88S MkII rewards its listeners with a rich musical experience refined from numerous component and chassis upgrades over its long production history.

The DA88S MkII is a robust 60 watt, pure class-A, KT120 integrated amplifier with five line inputs and included remote control. Thanks to Jadis’ custom-made signature transformers, high-gain low-noise five tube front-end and symmetrical push-pull operation, the DA88S MkII can effortlessly drive all but the most difficult loudspeakers.

The DA88S MkII produces a warm and rich yet very detailed fast sound with tremendous dynamics and a large soundstage. Like its smaller brother the DA50S, the DA88 MkII features a tightly regulated solid state power supply combined with low overall global feedback and class A output for providing optimal image focus and the ultimate in powerful music resolution. It’s no wonder The Absolute Sound named the DA88S MkII as a Product of the Year winner. Tube complement is eight KT120 tubes, two 12AX7 (ECC83) and three 12AU7 (ECC82). Dimensions are 20″ x 16″ x 8.7″, weight 88lbs.

Remote control included. Click here for an INSIDE VIEW.

I listened to an integrated amplifier that wasn't merely good - it was 'spectacular'. The Jadis demonstrated a dynamic alacrity and vividness and prowess that placed it in the very top echelon of audio equipment regardless of price. There was no syrupy sound here - just superb dimensionality, iron grip, and unrelenting drive. The jump factor of the Jadis is off the charts. Put otherwise, it sounds as stunning as it looks.

Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound

The Jadis allies liquidity with great dynamic power. Its sonic character is worlds removed from current solid-state designs. This is a unit engineered by and for tube lovers. The resolution, palpability, and, above all, sense of sweep conveyed by the Jadis are seldom less than glorious.

The Absolute Sound, Upper End Integrated Product of the Year, January 2016

Magnificent, vibrant, present and powerful... Play the second movement and you’ll hear the ability of the DA88S to deliver sudden dynamic shifts in density and level with convincing power, grace and presence. But equally you’ll also appreciate the natural sense of pace and delicacy, timing and placement. The ability to operate at both ends of the musical spectrum so successfully and even simultaneously is unusual indeed. It’s also vital to our ability to truly immerse ourselves in the performance. It’s what Harry Pearson refers to as continuousness and I’m coming to appreciate that it’s the most vital quality of all. Install, sit back and enjoy; as deeply unfashionable as it may seem, it’s the Jadis way.

Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 39