Discover the Full Line of Canton Custom Install Speakers

In-Wall / In-Ceiling

Custom flush mounted installation speakers that offer a wide range of features, sizes and paintable grills for seamless application throughout the home.

Atelier Series

Discover the unique Atelier Series, a sleek in-wall/on-wall speaker blending style and sound, a modular system features patented Wave surrounds delivering impressive dynamics and rich bass.

Wall Mount

Easily mountable indoor / outdoor and home theater speakers that feature a compact size, matched tweeters and various finishes.

Atmos & Surround

All the features you know and love from Canton’s main speaker lines available for on-wall / in-ceiling and Dolby Atmos home theater applications.

In-Wall / In Ceiling

Immerse yourself in Canton’s exceptional speaker series – 403, 805, and 909, spanning entry-level to top-tier. Depending on your budget, and space you can choose between the power of clear, dynamic sound in the 403 series, the premium richness of the 805 series, or the ultimate sound elevation in the flagship 909 series.

Upgrade your audio landscape with Canton’s sleek installation speakers, seamlessly integrated for a clutter-free, surround sound experience. Let music surround you in any room, effortlessly complementing interiors and delivering exceptional audio.

canton in-wall and in-ceiling speakers comparison

403 Series

Entry level series featuring baffle with surrounding white border, polypropylene drivers and pivoting soft dome tweeter.

805 Series

Mid-Range series featuring
metal grills with a subtle white frame.
aluminum drivers, and
swivelling aluminum tweeter system.

909 Series

Premium series with
frameless metal grills, the largest available
ceramic drivers, and
swivel ceramic tweeter system.

Atelier Series

With their flat design of less than 4″ in depth, the models of the Atelier series can be hung on the wall like a picture, and are fully-fledged hi-fi loudspeakers. Mounting is particularly easy as the wall bracket is integrated in the housing.

For those desiring an even flatter and more discreet look, the speakers can be installed into the wall using the supplied installation kit. Then only the classic fabric cover with silk-matte lacquered frame remains visible.

Atelier Series

Wall Mount Speakers

Canton Plus & Pro Series: Compact and versatile special loudspeakers are easily wall-mountable for seamless integration. Both the Plus and the Pro are equipped with an aluminum cone for clean and powerful sound, complemented by crystal-clear highs from perfectly matched tweeters. Experience Canton’s best technology and sound beyond your listening room as well as flexible alignment in or out of any room with the practical wall mount.

Embrace the minimalist design of the CD Series with an elegant appearance featuring high-quality anodized aluminum surfaces in silver and black, or “high gloss” lacquer in white. The handsome exterior conceals advanced Canton technology, such as aluminum tweeter systems and cone systems for finely tuned, powerful, and precise sound.

Dolby Atmos and Surround

dolby atmos and surround

Indulge in the exceptional audio excellence, state-of-the-art technology, and exquisite design that you adore from Canton’s GLE, Townus, and Vento Series. Canton’s surround sound speakers combine elegance and adaptability, easily mounted on walls or ceilings.

Take your audio to the next level with Canton’s AR Series designed for Dolby Atmos. The AR series can be wall mounted, or mounted on top of Canton’s floorstanding speakers. Experience a soundscape that envelops you from every direction, ensuring an unparalleled cinematic journey. Embrace the future of audio technology by enhancing your home entertainment setup.