Weiss Helios DAC

Weiss Helios Reference DAC

Weiss Helios DAC features a no-compromise design that allows you to hear the same representation of the music that mastering engineers hear in the studio.

To achieve its exceptional performance, Helios uses an eight-channel 32-bit D/A converter chip, with four paralleled conversion channels per audio channel. All analog processing is done with Weiss’s discrete operational amplifier modules, the Weiss OBP2-BP  — arguably the best audio operational amplifier currently available.

For ultra-stable clocking of the D/A converter, Helios also uses and internal high-precision / low jitter clock generator.

More than just a DAC, Helios also functions as a preamp and UPnP/Roon streamer and includes the same professional-grade DSP algorithms that were used to mix and master the original recordings. An optional headphones adapter turns Helios into the ultimate headphone amp/DAC.

The new Helios delivers another breathtaking leap forward in DAC technology. Audition it at your local Weiss dealer and prepare to be astounded.

The Weiss DAC502 retrieves more information than any other DAC I have auditioned, but its measured performance was exceeded by that of the Weiss Helios!

John Atkinson, Stereophile, March 2024

Helios echoed the DAC502's extraordinary clarity but with an enhanced sense of involvement with the music.

John Atkinson, Stereophile Class A+ Recommended Components, April 2024