JPS3 Flagship Phono Preamplifier

The Jadis JPS3 is Jadis’ premier two-chassis phono stage. With a unique ability to connect listeners to the source, it will put feeling & soul back in your music.

Jadis JPS3 Reference Phono StageBuilt with all point-to-point wiring, choice electrical components, gold plated connectors and high quality select wiring throughout, the JPS3 offers you a state-of-the-art phono preamplifier with sonic performance and low noise second to none.

The JPS3 features an EF86 and EL84 tube regulated outboard high-voltage power supply which uniquely operates at 80Hz to provide superior low noise operation compared to typical power supplies which run at 60Hz.

The Jadis JPS3 features both a dedicated MM input using 3 x ECC83 tubes and an MC input using 2 x ECC88 and for voltage gain.

Gain is 57dB (MM) and 84dB (MC), RIAA bandwidth correction, Dimensions: 2 x 16.9″x 13.6″x 6.9” with a system weight of 66 lbs.