Fezz Audio Evolution Series amplifiers are new to USA for 2023.

The Evolution Series amplifiers are essentially identical to the existing models, known as the Legacy Series, except they are in a cosmetically different case. Legacy and Evolution models have the same features and specs and they sound the same. Bluebird Music stocks both series. The Evolution models are priced slightly higher due to the higher costs of their cosmetically enhanced casework.

All Fezz Audio integrated amplifiers stocked in USA include tube cage and remote control. Fezz Evolution models are stocked in Black Ice and Sunlight finishes as shown below, Legacy models are stocked in Black and Republika finish as shown on the Introducing Fezz Audio page. Home theater by-pass, subwoofer output and Bluetooth are extra cost options available by special order only.

Mira Ceti 300B EVO

Mira Ceti is a very special amplifier, a single-ended stereo amplifier with 300B output tubes, producing full, saturated midrange, and the miraculous sense of palpable reality for which the 300B is famous.

Input tubes are 6SN7, contributing to impactful sound. Power and output transformers are both toroidal, making the Mira Ceti models the world’s only single-ended amps with toroidal output transformers. Paired with suitable speakers, the sound is beguiling.

Fezz EVO Mira Ceti 300b
Fezz Audio Silver Luna Prestige

Silver Luna Prestige EVO

Silver Luna Prestige is an extremely versatile push-pull stereo integrated tube amplifier. Output tubes are the legendary EL34, and a mode switch can choose either tetrode or pentode operation; the input tubes are 12AX7/ECC83, and each unit is shipped with another pair of input tubes, type 6N2P.

Four configurations are possible with the mode switch and choice of input tubes, allowing the amp’s sound signature to be tailored to the user’s preference. Silver Luna Prestige has three RCA inputs, and utilizes Toroidy toroidal power and output transformers for low noise and amazing dynamic abilities. Its 35 watts per channel allow a wide choice of speakers.

Titania EVO

Titania is a powerful and dynamic vacuum tube integrated amp. Output tubes are KT88s, input tubes are 12AX7/ECC83, and the outputs are operated in push-pull mode. Automatic biasing assures trouble-free operation. Tone is neutral, with superb bass control, aided by the toroidal power and output transformers.

Frequency response is an astounding 18 Hz/103 kHz (-3 dB), providing airy treble and a full, well-defined soundstage. The 45 watts/channel will drive almost any loudspeaker to produce powerful, engaging sound. Remote control and tube cage are included, as they are with all Fezz Audio products.

Fezz EVO Titania
Fezz EVO Lybra 300b

Lybra 300B EVO

Lybra is a unique parallel single ended (PSE) amplifier with 300B output tubes. The PSE configuration provides the classic 300B sound with higher output, making Lybra extremely versatile, and able to pair well with a broad selection of loudspeakers.

The PSE configuration is noteworthy by itself, and Lybra’s utilization of toroidal power and output transformers make it unique. The 6SN7 and 12AX7 input tubes add to the character of Lybra, creating dynamic, impactful sound.

Omega Lupi EVO Headphone Amplifier

Omega Lupi is a headphone amp that combines the unique PCL86 tube with toroidal power and output transformers. The output impedance can be adjusted by a front-panel knob to ensure perfect match with any type of headphone.

The PCL 86 is a dual-filament tube, with both triode and pentode elements in a single capsule. Omega Lupi is capable of driving even the most-demanding headphones with open, spacious, and detailed sound.

Fezz EVO Omega Lupi
Fezz EVO Gaia mini MM-MC phono stage

Gaia Mini Phono Stage

The Gaia Mini MM/MC Phono Preamplifier is meticulously designed for MM and MC cartridges. This preamp ensures exceptional dynamics, with a mature and sublime sound profile. With versatile input options, RIAA standard Phono EQ, and low distortion, it guarantees a pristine audio experience in a compact, stylish design.

Gratia MM/MC EVO Phono Stage

The Gratia phono stage is designed to work with MM and MC cartridges. The amplification section is based on the excellent high-end Burson Supreme Opamp V5i.

The heart of the extended power path is the Toroidy Supreme Audio transformer. The Gratia works beautifully with literally any MM or MC cartridge.

Fezz EVO Gratia phono stage MM-MC phono stage
Fezz Audio Torus 5060 Integrated Amplifier

Torus Solid State Integrated Amplifier

Torus 5060 is a solid state integrated amplifier with a range of features that make it suitable as the versatile heart of a high-quality audio system. A built-in digital-to-audio converter (DAC) allows connections to three digital sources, and phono stage and tape loop make Torus 5060 equally useful for analog sources.

Bluetooth 5.0 provides hi-res wireless streaming; four line inputs, power amp mode and subwoofer output add to its compatibility. With 90 watts into 4 ohms, 65 watts into 8 ohms, Torus 5060 provides dynamic, effortless sound. An aluminum remote control is included.

Equinox EVO DAC

Equinox is the world’s only Lampizator licensed vacuum tube D/A converter designed by Łukasz Fikus. It is also the cheapest on a market D/A converter with the Lampizator logo. The unit is based on PCM1794 chipsets and 12au7 vacuum tube.

Fezz/Toroidy engineers designed a dedicated, highest quality Supreme class toroidal power transformer for Equinox’s power supply. Device is equipped with 2 Toslink, 1 coaxial and 1 USB digital signal inputs.

Fezz Audio Equinox DAC
Fezz Audio Mira Ceti 300b back