weiss psu102

Weiss PSU102 Universal Power Supply

Most audiophiles understand the critical role clean and stable power plays in unlocking the true potential of your HiFi system. Introducing the Weiss PSU102, a universal high-end power supply designed to be the silent hero of your listening experience. The Weiss PSU102 is a universal high-end power supply unit designed to deliver the cleanest, most stable power for your audio system.

The Weiss PSU102 employs non-switching, linear voltage regulation. This innovative technology eliminates electrical hum and unwanted noise, ensuring your music is presented in its purest form. Every subtle detail, from the delicate brushstrokes of a cymbal to the nuanced inflections of a vocalist, will shine through with breathtaking clarity.

Furthermore, the PSU102 isn’t fazed by complex loads. It delivers unwavering power, allowing your high-fidelity equipment to perform at its absolute best, even when the music gets demanding. No matter how intricate the symphony, the PSU102 ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of power.

Low ESR capacitors and a toroidal transformer work in harmony to minimize distortion and further reduce noise within your system. It creates the perfect environment for your music to thrive. Adjustable for 5V, 6V, 9V or 12V equipment. Audition it at your local Weiss dealer and prepare to be astounded.