The New Canton Reference Series

Canton Reference represents an intricately built masterpiece in which every detail has been carefully thought through and executed to the highest standard. Innovative materials – carefully selected, refined and perfected – meet perfect craftsmanship. With a tradition of unparalleled audio technology, in November 2023 Canton once again raises the bar, presenting the ultimate fusion of sound quality and innovation. Epochal sound quality that will delight even the most demanding audiophiles.

Canton Reference 5 White
Canton Reference 2023 Internal

All-New Optimized Cabinets

At the heart of the Canton Reference Series is its all-new rounded cabinet. The intricate cabinet structure of the new Reference speakers has been meticulously engineered to virtually eliminate unwanted resonance and deliver an astonishing, authentic musical experience.

To produce the desired rounded baffles the solid multi-layer cabinets are manufactured on a 5-axis CNC milling machine specially designed for this purpose. Careful design of the baffle shape, computer-optimized internal bracing, and use of a special fleece helps control the enormous forces inside the cabinets and prevent internal standing waves.

These new cabinets, coupled with the new drive units, produce a system that is significantly more efficient thus allowing the new Reference models to deliver more volume of uncompressed sound, more dynamic range, and deeper more articulate bass than the models they replace.

Use of the latest generation Bass Guide contributes to precise and even bass and also allows greater flexibility of in-room placement of the speakers.

Canton Reference 5 Black

Innovative Advanced Drive Units

The Reference speakers feature new mid and bass drive units which have been further optimized and refined with a new high-strength Black Ceramic Tungsten material, (BCT).

With the BCT cone, 25 percent of the molecular structure of an aluminum cone is converted into a ceramic structure and refined with tungsten and additional metal particles. As a result, the cones achieve a perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio. These highly stable drive units reduce unwanted resonances and deliver fast, precise and distortion-free reproduction.

The crystal-clear highs of the Reference high-frequency systems are attained through the use of extremely light and rigid BC domes.

The unique shape of the new asymmetrical wave guide optimizes radiation behavior both in the crossover range and in the high-frequency range above 15,000 Hz. The BC domes help to create immersive listening experiences where even the finest nuances and details in the music can be experienced.

The new drive units feature high rigidity with excellent acoustic damping and good dimensional stability. They deliver an even transient response even at higher levels and cone excursions.

The new Reference speakers follow the music precisely delivering best-in-class articulation, transparency, timing and dynamics. Neutral dynamic life-like sound.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

An optimally designed crossover featuring hand-selected minimal tolerance components ensures a balanced impedance curve and perfect impulse behavior. Canton’s unique Displacement Control technology controls the woofers and increases the bandwidth using the same cabinet size. The result is accurate tuneful bass and an effortless unstrained presentation even at the high sound pressure.

Canton Reference 2023 Crossover
Canton Reference 2023 Rear

Level Adjustment and WBT Connectors

Thanks to integrated midrange and high-frequency level adjustment, all floor-standing speakers and the center channel speaker can be tailored to room acoustics and individual listening preferences. WBT nextgen connection terminals, made of low-damping POM (Polyoxymethylene) material provide an outstanding solution for audiophile applications and contribute to precise sound reproduction.

Impressive Home Theater

Enjoy an exceptional audiovisual experience in your home with the Reference Series. The new 3-way center speaker makes every concert recording and action film a true audio experience. The precision tuning of the speaker components ensures immersive sound quality. The powerful digital amplifier of the Reference Subwoofer, with an impressive 750 watts, features both high-level and low-level inputs and produces impressive bass down to 18 Hz.

Canton Reference 2023
Canton Reference 2023 Driver and Dome

No Detail Overlooked

The newly developed sealing ring for the loudspeaker drivers ensures effective decoupling and, with an extraordinary attention to detail, contributes to an impressive listening experience. Specially produced high-end cabling inside the enclosures are reduced to minimum length. The special core and six twisted conductors ensure optimal signal transmission internally. CNC-turned, powder-coated steel feet not only contribute to stability but also minimize unwanted vibrations that could compromise sound quality.

Available Models (Click Image For Specs)

The culmination of these groundbreaking technologies transforms the new Canton speakers into true marvels of audio engineering. They work harmoniously to minimize resonances, reduce distortions, and optimize audio reproduction across varied frequencies. The result is a breathtaking listening experience that envelops you in a captivating sonic journey, transporting you closer to the essence of the music.

We invite you to explore the exceptional world of Canton Reference Series, discover the meticulous craftsmanship, and indulge in the ultimate sound experience. Connect with one of our expert dealers who will guide you towards the perfect audio setup tailored to your unique preferences.

Canton Reference 2023
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