The Ultimate High Power Pure Class A Amplifier

The JA200 MkII includes two mono-block amplifiers each with its own separate power supply for a system total of four chassis. A no holds barred variant of the JA80 MkII on which it’s based, the JA200 MkII is available in balanced or single ended configuration along with 160 watts of Class A power and auto-bias.

The most important and obvious characteristic of this amplifier is the sensation that more information is coming through from your source. The JA200 MkII excels at delivering a wide frequency range, with outstanding dynamics and transient response, a deep wide well-defined soundstage and outstanding low-level information presentation. With incredible neutrality, transparency, authentic instrument textures and tonal colors, the JA200 delivers incredibly pure and natural sound.

Tube complement consists of: 20 x KT120, 2 x ECC82 and 2 x ECC83 tubes. System weight is 275 lbs.

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Jadis JA200 MkII Monoblock Amplifiers

The most important and obvious characteristic of this equipment is the sensation that more information is coming through from the source to my ears. And when I say 'more information', I mean significantly more information, whether we're talking top-to-bottom frequency response, transient response, dynamics, image width/depth, low-level information retrieval, whatever. In addition to more information, it seems to me that I'm hearing better information in terms of its neutrality, transparency, timbre, instrumental color....

Darryl G. Lindberg

JA200 MkII Features

  • Four chassis system with separate power supply for ultimate low noise and musical expression
  • 160 watt Class A output stage for effortless power and smooth sound
  • Point-to-point pure copper wiring in all critical signal paths for a more open bigger sound
  • Custom Jadis C-Core output transformers, guaranteed for life, to produce hallmark Jadis sound
  • Push-pull design for higher power and lower distortion
  • Low global negative feedback design delivers more vivid sound with greater clarity
  • Non-magnetic stainless-steel chassis for strength of construction and sound quality
  • Auto bias and new auto circuit protection for ease of use and long term maintenance