AVM A 6.2 ME Integrated Amplifier

High Performance Audiophile Grade Integrated Amplifier

The A 6.2 ME (Master Edition) is an integrated amp designed with a single goal: provide the best sound quality attainable. All parts are as high-quality as possible, selected for their sonic characteristics. The A 6.2 ME is a versatile but basic integrated amplifier, without additional elements such as a phono stage, DAC, or streamer. Utilizing a high-speed MOSFET output stage, it produces 180 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 300 watts per channel into 4 ohms,

The A 6.2 ME’s massive power supply features an oversized toroidal transformer and 120,000 microfarads of AVM’s proprietary capacitors, enabling it to run in purist Class A for most normal listening, while ensuring that even the most-demanding loudspeakers can be driven to full orchestral levels. Other refinements include a discrete headphone amp that runs completely in Class A; internal cabling selected for improved sound quality and noise rejection; black circuit boards with heavy gold traces for improved stability and heat rejection; speaker terminals machined in-house by AVM; and control knobs machined in unit complete with axles to ensure perfect balance and years of trouble-free operation.

After a month of daily listening, I concluded that the AVM A 6.2 ME sounded a lot like those classic class-A amplifiers of yesteryore, which sounded like they had full control and weren't leaving any information behind. They sounded musically right and complete. The AVM A 6.2 ME integrated sounded that kind of right, with a little fairy dust sprinkled on top.

Herb Reichert, Stereophile, June 2021