Jadis I300 integrated amplifier

The Sublime Sound of 300B Tubes With Jadis Design

The Jadis I300 is built around a simple push-pull 300B with no feedback and offers unmatched musicality from this tube.

After pre-amplification with an ECC82, the signal feeds a phase inverter (called a Schmitt) followed by enough 6SN7 triodes to drive the 300B. The power supply is another strong point. Besides the fact that each stage has its own power supply, special care has been taken with the 300Bs themselves. Like direct heating triodes, the heater is the cathode. This requires a very “clean” power supply with no fewer than seven separate power circuits.

Like all Jadis devices, the transformers are designed and manufactured in-house using Jadis’ proprietary methods. The one dedicated to the power supply uses an EI M6X magnetic circuit with a design that provides very stable operation, no noise and low overheating. The outputs use a double CV38 magnetic circuit built to our standards. The I300 is the only IC with such an output transformer.

Jadis I300 transformerThis approach to design results in an amplifier that appears to be much more powerful than its 10W rating would suggest. As with all Jadis amplifiers the I300 controls the bass and delivers deep, fast accurate bass with no bloat. Of course it is not the bass but the mid-range that really separates Jadis amplifiers from the crowd.

In terms of design, the Jadis I300 stays true to the Jadis philosophy about what defines musicality and has a compact design. The 2mm thick 304L chassis easily supports the weight of all the components. Remote control is included.

Listening to the I300, it’s about the 300B’s precision, subtlety, and musicality that will certainly delight discerning music lovers.

A build quality that is commensurate with the asking price. Once you plug it in and start to listen to music it's MUSIC that you end up listening to. The character of this amplifier is dynamic and yet restrained, detailed but without being overly in your face, and it's got control of the bass without adding bloat or artifacts. Editors Choice award without a shadow of a doubt and I find myself looking for excuses to buy it!

Stuart Smith, HiFi Pig, January 2023