Legendary Class A Monoblock Amplifier, Now Upgraded to MkII

The JA80 is where it all began for Jadis back in 1983. Continuing today as one of the most well known and popular amplifiers in the Jadis line, the JA80 MkII, like all of the Jadis products, has been refined and improved over the years. Recently introduced as the MkII version, it is an all-new design optimized to take advantage of the evolution of power tubes.

The JA80 MkII’s captivating performance can only be described an eminently musical. It has a beautiful tonal rendering coupled with fine inner dynamics. This is achieved without any exaggeration of drive or presentation. The midrange is liquid and exceptionally relaxed but also with first-rate transient performance and harmonic definition.

With 60 watts of pure Class A power the new JA80 will drive all but the most difficult loads with ease and grace. Each JA80 MkII monoblock amplifier uses: 4 x KT120, 1 x ECC82 and 1 x ECC83 tubes. Autobias. Each amp weighs 77 lbs. (Shown below with optional KT150 tubes.)

Jadis JA 80 MkII

JA80 MkII Features

  • Non-magnetic stainless-steel chassis for strength of construction and sound
  • Low global negative feedback design delivers more vivid sound with greater clarity
  • Point-to-point pure copper wiring in all critical paths for a more open bigger sound
  • 60 watt Class A output stage for effortless power and smoothness of sound
  • Push-pull design for higher power and lower distortion
  • Jadis C-Core output transformers, guaranteed for life, to produce hallmark Jadis sound
  • Bi-Wire output terminals for use with optimized speaker cables for accurate sound
  • Auto bias and new auto circuit protection for ease of use and long term maintenance