“Yes, It’s In Stock” Program

As most manufacturers struggle to get parts from suppliers to build products, and freight delivery systems are overwhelmed due to covid-related disruptions, it’s never been more important for distributors to have strong inventory levels.

For 2021 we’ve introduced our new “Yes, It’s In Stock” program.

First, in May 2020 we made the decision to increase our commitment to our suppliers, our dealers and our customers by doubling our inventory. We know the frustration of carefully making a purchase decision and then finding out the product is not available for months.

Secondly, we developed and implemented a new dealer portal on our web site where our dealers can log-in and instantly see; what we have in stock, what we have on order, what is actually in transit from our suppliers, the expected arrival date and the correct prices. We call this system ‘Web Stock’, it is real time and therefore 100% accurate.

Now, our dealers can quickly log into Web Stock to check stock and prices and get instant answers for customers – while the customers are still on the phone or still in the store.

Thirdly, we are also now implementing a ‘Quick Ship’ program in which regularly stocked items will be designated as Quick Ship items, so our dealers know which models we stock.

With our Yes It’s In Stock program dealers and customers can now have the confidence of knowing if they choose a Bluebird Music product we will have the stock, or at least be able to instantly give an informed delivery date estimate, and they won’t have to suffer weeks or months of endless delays before finally getting to enjoy the products they are so excited to receive.