Hi-Fi News Reviews Canton Reference 7K

These speakers just ooze refinement and a high level of build quality.
They are certainly capable of presenting delicate recordings in a sensitive fashion, but they really come into their own when pressed into playing explosive, dynamic tracks. The bass these slender-ish floorstanders produce is deceptively rich and punchy, underpinning a very solid midrange performance. This is great stuff.
The Reference 7K created a taut bass which propelled the music but never overpowered it. This is really an accomplishment, certainly at this price point – it’s not easy to pack a punch like this and remain nimble.
These mighty floorstanders are astonishing in their ability to project power and excitement. Their overall sonic performance and high-quality build and finish represents particularly good value.
Hi-Fi News, Jamie Biesemans, Outstanding Product Award, May 2022

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