‘Secrets’ Reviews Canton Vento 100

The high quality of the components used, and the impeccable craftsmanship are immediately obvious. The cabinet seems to be very well braced and exhibits excellent fit and finish. With its curved side panels, rounded cabinet edges, and glossy finish, this speaker looks gorgeous. 
These are brilliant speakers that do everything well sonically with no apparent weaknesses. They particularly excelled in extracting the musical textures in the recordings and presenting music with a high degree of transparency.
The Vento 100 speakers produced a great, balanced sound across the audible frequency spectrum. The bass was impactful and articulate, the midrange sounded natural and full of textures, and the treble had sufficient extension with great resolution. The overall presentation sounded full with a great sense of transparency and spaciousness.
While portraying a wide and deep soundstage, the Vento 100 skillfully maintained the image focus on the individual accompanying instruments with a clear sense of space among them. The Vento 100 might be big, but they were capable of disappearing in the reproduced soundstage effortlessly.
The speakers seemed to be equally proficient in presenting the details and micro dynamics of the soft passages as well as conveying the energy and textures of the loud passages. The layering of the sound of the musical instruments in the portrayed soundstage was so vivid and convincing, delivering convincingly the grandeur of the whole orchestral presentation.
Both the form and function of the Canton Vento 100 speakers impressed me a great deal during this review. The speakers are very well designed and look elegant in their exquisite fit and finish. More importantly, the Vento 100 speakers exhibit vibrant sonic performance that checks all the important aspects of a great-sounding loudspeaker with no discernible weaknesses. At $6,495 per pair (or $6,995 in the premium finish), these speakers are not cheap, but their build quality and performance can give more expensive speakers out there a run for their money. Highly recommended!
Yongki Go, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, December 2022

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