‘Secrets’ Reviews Fezz Audio Silver Luna Prestige


Fezz Audio is based in Poland and is the sister company of transformer manufacturer Toroidy. They manufacture toroidal transformers which are custom-made for Fezz amplifiers. Upon unboxing the Fezz Audio, I was a bit taken aback by the weight of the amp. It was not ungainly heavy, but those transformers were beasts.
Once I unpacked the unit, I had it set up and running in under 15 minutes. I was struck by the warm midrange and remarkably solid bass. Some tube amps I have listened to in the past always seemed to be vague in their bass output. This is not the case with the Fezz. Tight and dynamic bass really sets this unit apart from the crowd.
Simon and Garfunkel – The Complete Albums Collection (Sony): Their Live From New York album (1967) was able to capture the acoustic signature of the venue within a large hall that reveals itself when the crowd enthusiastically applauds at the end of each song set. The delicate purity of the guitar and vocals are a joy to behold. The Fezz sound was quite enjoyable with great detail and dynamics.
Cantate Domino (Proprius): This highly sought-after audiophile recording is famous for capturing the sense of space inside the Oscarskyrkan in Stockholm. Not only are the choirs immaculately rendered, but the brass players and pipe organ are thrilling to hear. The power and clarity of the a cappella choir voices are nothing short of stunning and the Silver Luna Prestige provided a wide soundstage and captured the beauty of the recording. The brass had a burnished sound to their playing and the organ was more than adequate to test the amplifier’s ability to hit super deep notes. I have no doubt the Toroidy parts played a major part in that performance!
All these sonic details were well presented by the Fezz. I was impressed that anything I played through it sounded clean and detailed. Some tube amps sound great for one genre or another, but not always for everything. The Fezz works with all types of music from both ends of the spectrum. In all instances, it was a warm, detailed, yet dynamic-sounding amplifier. It had plenty of power to play full orchestral works with aplomb.
By the end of my time with the Fezz Audio Evo Silver Luna Prestige Integrated Amplifier, I was impressed with its musicality and power. If you are considering a stereo setup, the Fezz Audio Evo Silver Luna Prestige would make a great foundation. It looks as good as it sounds and has enough output to drive any reasonably efficient speakers. If music is the food of the gods, Fezz will have you saying, “More, please!” Recommended!
Jim Milton, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, June 2024