Soundphile Reviews CMA Fifteen

The Questyle CMA Fifteen is a stunning device with a no-frills approach that aims to deliver one thing and one thing only: clean sound. In order to do so, it does compromise on more sophisticated functionality compared to many other devices you can find out there, but this choice keeps the experience easy and simple while also delivering solid fundamentals. In other words, you won’t be able to choose between 50 different filters of questionable usefulness, but what you’ll find will be of great quality. This approach informed the design of the whole device, even in terms of how it looks.
Overall, the Questyle CMA Fifteen looks, works and sounds remarkably well. It truly offers a premium experience in line with expectations from a device with a $2,500 price tag. It is remarkably good at everything and I would argue the only thing it may lack are more “esoteric” things such as I2S input or XLR input. Other than that, it’s probably as close to the perfect DAC/amp as you can get.
Riccardo Robecchi, Soundphile Review, December 2022

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