Soundstage! Reviews Fezz Audio Lybra 300B


The Lybra is an attractive unit, with a much more sophisticated presentation than the utilitarian bent-metal chassis sported by most integrated tube amps on the market.
Setup was straightforward. The Lybra is auto-biasing, so just stick the four power tubes into the sockets, hook up power, speakers, and sources, and you’re in business.
Toroidal transformers maintain proper operation over a wide frequency range, starting below 20Hz and reaching above 100kHz, and at the same time guarantee an ultra-flat frequency response within the 20Hz–20kHz range, with a very low level of harmonic distortion. This is one seriously quiet tube amplifier. There was effectively zero noise through any of the speakers I used. Like, none.
But mother of 12 bastards, what a fantastic sound! I listened happily, for long stretches. The Lybra kept a grip on the Totems, keeping each instrument discrete within its own space. The clarity, the extension, the imaging, the flat-out flavor that this amplifier excavated from these speakers startled me and made me re-evaluate the concept of value in audio.
I could live with this amp. I would love to live with this amp.
Jason Thorpe, Soundstage! Ultra, October 2023

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