Twittering Machines Reviews Fezz Audio Alpha Lupi


Clarity, purity, and spice are among the Alfa Lupi’s core sonic characteristics, traits that traveled with it whether tasked with driving the DeVore’s or the Sonner Legato Duo’s.
The Alfa Lupi/DeVore system displayed a firm grip on the bass’ bottom end while sparkling guitar and wispy string sounds courtesy of London-based string orchestra 12 Ensemble added the right amount of dreamy atmosphere to Elena Tonra’s mesmerizing vocals.
Perhaps the biggest surprise to come from the Alfa Lupi’s way with this music was its ability to render a speaker-defying sound image that felt at once clearly defined and spread out in every direction, as if the DeVore O/96 were omnidirectional.
Relaxed, airy, resolute and clear kept coming to mind as this lovely record played from beginning to end, keeping me riveted to the Eames red chair delighting in the interplay of Daughter and 12 Ensemble weaving dreamy solitudes in sound. Lovely.
The little Fezz amp is perfectly capable of weaving an intricate and enticing web of music that needs no apologies. Its nimble dynamic swings, clear as a bell clarity, and billowy sound image all made for an engaging world of sound that was a breeze to forget myself within.
Everything, and every one, has limitations and any 10 Watt amp needs to be paired with speakers that come alive with little power. The Fezz Audio Alfa Lupi made sweet sweet music with the Sonner Audio Legato Duo and DeVore O/96 speakers, offering delicacy, control, and delight with all of the music I sent its way.
Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines, April 2023

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