Twittering Machines Reviews Jadis DA50S

Twittering Machines Jadis DA50 ReviewCentral to the quality of every Jadis amplifier, are the custom made transformers — the transformers are hand-made on a digital winding machine, following the basic principles born from the passion and research of André Calmettes. Jadis keeps its trade secret very carefully. The company does share that their beefiest transformers can handle up to 2500 W of power before saturation. That’s a lot of juice.
I’ve been treated to a number of very fine integrated amplifiers in the barn of late, offering various topologies from all tube, to hybrid, to solid state. With all of their various voices in mind, the Jadis struck me as sounding powerful yet refined. Rich, while not being loose or bloated, controlling the DeVore O/93s with a very firm grip that did an especially nice job down low. The striking thing that captured my attention was a sense of superb ripeness. As if the Jadis was serving up my music at its peak of flavor. Not too dry, not too sweet.
With the Jadis in full control, music could get as big and as loud, and even louder, as I ever cared to go. Voices, spaces, movements, symphonies, quartets, trios, sextets, octets, and minstrel shows (I’m reffing to Tom Waits), anything, anywhere rendered in full scale with plenty of punch, i.e. dynamics, color, and nuance. Add all of these words up, and the result is captivating. It offers up a very healthy helping of finely balanced goodness. Tube amp tropes need not apply, as the DA50S remains in complete control regardless of the scale and complexity of the music under review.
When reproduced in a completely convincing manner, music can be intoxicating. The Jadis DA50S Tube Integrated Amplifier is an expert mixologist, converting the recorded event into a rapturously heady experience.
Michael Lagorgna, Twittering Machines, March 2021

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