AVM, Canton, Fezz, Jadis, SME and Weiss Rock Axpona **

SME Model 6 in Bluebird Music room Axpona 2023For Axpona 2023 Bluebird Music went all out with two big rooms and over 2,000 lbs of equipment shipped. Thanks to factory reps from SME, AVM and Fezz Audio for their excellent support at the show.

Pictured at right, Stuart McNeilis, CEO of SME explains the unique engineering of SME’s entry level Model 6 turntable.

Our primary room, top three images, featured a reference system comprised of SME’s new flagship Model 60 turntable along with AVM’s reference MA 8.3 monoblock amplifiers, AVM’s new PH 8.3 reference phono stage, Canton Reference 3K loudspeakers and the Weiss DAC502. The two press quotes refer to this system. Click the top photo for a larger image. Thanks to Carlo of ‘Secrets’ for the great images.

In our second room, fourth picture with the orange Canton banner, we presented the Fezz Audio Lybra 300B tube integrated, Fezz Audio Gratia phono stage with SME’s Model 6 turntable and Canton’s new Townus 90 loudspeakers – an affordable system that punches way above its weight class.

St. Louis dealer Stereo Haven presented the Jadis DA88 integrated and JPS3 phono stage, bottom picture. Thanks to Charlie Schnyder for a beautifully executed room that sounded wonderful.

Click for large image of Canton AVM SME in Bluebird Music room Axpona 2023

The music jumped to attention, large scale and surprisingly sensitive, I was particularly taken with the microdynamic range this big system so easily produced. This was a treat.
Ken Micallef, Stereophile, Axpona 2023 Show Report

Bluebird Music AVM Canton SME display at Axpona 2023

AVM and Canton in Bluebird Music room Axpona 2023

Canton, SME and Fezz Audio in Bluebird Music room Axpona 2023

Jadis in Stereo Haven room Axpona 2023

The SME 60 looks purposeful, substantial, instrument-grade, a whole kind of other cool. Duke  Ellington’s ‘Cottontail’ spun on this table, and rendered through this system sounded sublime.
Carlo Lo Raso, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, Axpona 2023 Show Report
Bluebird’s Jay Rein rocked the aforementioned Model 60 ‘table with some classic old school jams such as The Knack’s “My Sharona”. Full and substantial yet highly resolved, the sound of “My Sharona” filled the room. The system captured the track’s propulsive energy while maintaining a sense of control. Bass extension left a good impression. It was big fun overall, with the right amount of heft.
Julie Mullins, Analog Planet, Axpona 2023 Show Report
The best system I have ever set up or heard for rock and roll. (Side two, track two).
Jay Rein, Bluebird Music

Deep Purple Machine Head at Bluebird MusicWhile the reference system was outstanding on acoustic and the usual hi-fi show music – which is easy to play well, on Deep Purple’s “Lazy” it set a new standard for what a stereo can deliver on rock and roll. It was fast, precise, tonally authentic with bass power, speed and definition, and it delivered massive dynamic contrasts. This is a system that plays loud and clean and does not compress at high volume, but most importantly – is tonally authentic. For 22 years the writer has been searching a hi-fi that could do justice to rock and roll and, finally, this is the one. If you ever get the chance to hear the Model 60, AVM phono and monoblocks with Canton Reference 3K or higher speakers you should jump at the chance – you won’t be disappointed.