Estelon Luxury Lifestyle in California, October 2013

Bluebird Music and Sacramento CA area dealer ISD put on a wonderful “VIP” event for local end users and custom designers. ISD specializes in high end custom and entertainment systems and has a wonderful facility to display real-life high end systems. Here are a couple snaps that show you the environment.

A super luxurious, compact high-end lifestyle system was on display featuring the Estelon X Diamond speakers driven by Linn’s compact high-performance electronics. Talk about luxury lifestyle! Picture this in your home.

Bluebird rep Steven Lester ran the “Big system” featuring the Chord Electronics flagship CPA 8000 Pre-Amplifier and SPM 14000 Monoblock Amplifiers in 2.2, stereo with two subs in the great room.  The screen was 160′ diag, with the Lumis UNO blowing people minds until well after midnight!

The goal of the evening was to promote audio and video well beyond people’s normal thinking. There was a fantastic buzz. This is was not ISD’s first event, but this was the biggest and most successful thus far.