Festival Son & Image Show Report – Montreal

‘Real Music’ delights as Living Voice and Exposure raise the bar for affordable high-end.

Armed with an assortment of piano sonatas this year Bluebird Music put on their usual, impressive ‘real music’ demonstration. Exposure’s Classic series electronics easily provided the “soul with control” Exposure is starting to become well known for.

“Standout Room – Festival Son & Image 2005…

This system, built around some well-known British speakers and electronics, had a sweet, energetic sound with generous bass.” – Doug Schneider, Soundstage FSI 2005 Show Report

Of course, we are rarely content to let well enough alone – so the fantastic Chord Symphonic phono stage was added like a fine wine might be added to a great steak dinner.

Pictured below is a Chord Electronics three-box Chord Choral series. This Choral series features the ‘One’ (one-box) CD player, Prima pre-amp, and Mezzo 120 watt stereo power amplifier. Never mind how good the Choral system looks – it’s still about the sound, and we warn you – if you hear one you will need one! The ultimate bedroom system?

Below Montreal dealer Audioville put on an awesome demonstration. The incredible 750 watt Chord SPM 6000 mono-blocks, Blu/DAC64 cd replay system and some highly regarded valve pre-amp were, quite realistically, recreating the vitality, energy and excitement of a live, club listening experience. This system is on permanent demonstration at Audioville. Visit the great staff at one of Montreal’s leading stores, 972 boul. St-Laurent, or call them at 514-861-8050.