Hear Chord and Spendor in Maryland **

Chord Electronics, Spendor and DAVE at Gramophone

Music. Headphones. Turntables. Amplify the experience at Maryland’s Gramophone.

Joins us at this huge annual event. See and hear the new Spendor A2, A4 and the award-winning D7 loudspeakers, along with all the Chord DACs, at this two day event October 10 and 11, 2018.

The featured system was the Spendor D7 loudspeakers with Chord Electronics’ CPM 2650 integrated amplifier, DAVE DAC and McIntosh CD player used as a transport. This wonderfully simple system delivered the musical goods big time! Highly recommended. If you act fast you can still hear it at Gramophone, call the store for further details or to arrange a listening session, 410-308-1650.