Hear Chord Electronics and Spendor in New York **

Spendor D9 and Chord Electronics Blu/DAVE in NYC


New York dealer Sound by Singer presented the Chord Electronics Blu MkII, DAVE DAC and Spendor’s flagship D9 loudspeakers to an enthusiastic audience at the Park Lane Hotel in New York City.

The Spendor D9s are show in Limited Edition Natural Ebony finish. Hear this system at Sound by Singer, call 212-924-8600 to arrange an audition.




Andy Singer, one of the most experienced retail operators in all high-end audio assembled a small system that produced a dynamic, tonally rich, and beautifully focused sound.
Ken Micallef, Stereophile, New York Audio Show Report, November 2018
A close contest for best in show—with the room from Sound By Singer, which featured Spendor’s $10,000 D9 loudspeakers. Driven by the gorgeous Absolare integrated amplifier, the D9s’ presentation was just right for me. Their high-end tailoring yielded a sound that was exceptionally live, rich timbres, exceptionally natural sound of this intimate system.
Jim Austin, Stereophile, New York Audio Show Report, November 2018