Mountain View, CA – Audio High, November 2012.

California dealer Audio High welcomed John Franks of Chord to introduce Chord’s new DSX 1000 Music Streamer. Franks demonstrated two systems. One system featured Chord’s flagship SPM 14000 monoblocks and CPA 8000 preamplifier, partnered with the incredible $110,000 Peak Consult Kepheus loudspeakers. A second system featured Chord’s new QuteHD DAC with a Chord 3350 integrated amplifier, Peak Consult Empress speakers and a five-figure CD player from another manufacturer.

The new Chord QuteHD DAC and DSX 1000 Streamer certainly impressed the press in attendance:

“The entry-level Chord QuteHD DAC trumped the competition. Instead of the presentation rendered by the five-figure CD player, the QuteHD DAC delivered a far more appealing, richer presentation in which edge was replaced by body and substantial color.”  – Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, Nov 2012.

“While the technology behind the DSX 1000 is impressive so is the sound. My initial impression of this system was very favorable: the noise floor was astonishingly low and let subtle details emerge, bass was solid and controlled, the leading edges of transients were incredibly quick without any blurring, and the system was able to track wide dynamic swings remarkably well. The overall sound was quite relaxed and natural-sounding—a hurdle that many digital front ends do not clear. The Chord Electronics DSX-1000 is one of the most musically satisfying digital front ends I have heard.” – Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound, Nov 2012.