Salon Son & Image 2010 Show Report – Montreal

Hear the new flagship of Spendor’s new A series speakers – the Spendor A9. These big three way speakers will be driven by Exposure’s fantastic new 3010S2 mono-block amplifiers. At $2,595 per pair, these 100 watt mono-blocks offer the best value in high end audio today. Also hear an A/B demonstration of the world’s most technically advanced DAC; Chord Electronics’ spectacular QBD76 wireless Bluetooth USB DAC. We will have an affordable system, great sound and some very tempting show specials.  Visit Bluebird Music in 1322 and prepare to be blown away!

“I walked into Jay Rein’s Bluebird Music room and was immediately taken by the hard-rocking sound of Led Zeppelin’s “Moby Dick”, reproduced with appropriate drama, impact, and scale… the A9 ($7,295/pair) made its North American debut at SSI 2010, and sounded excellent, driven by Exposure’s new 3010S2 series: 100W monoblocks ($2,595/pair), preamp ($1,395), and CD player ($2,195)… Van den Hul’s D352 speaker cables and D102 interconnects ($929) tied this impressive system together.”  – Stephen Mejias, Stereophile SSI 2010 Show Report.