Salon Son & Image – Montreal

A big show with big systems this year. At left the Chord new Red Reference Mk III CD player with the QBD76 High Definition DAC capability, the new CPA 8000 Reference Preamplifier and the new SPM 5000 Mk II stereo power amplifier drive the KEF Blade loudspeakers. At right the Spendor SP100R2s are being driven by the Jadis Orphee 1 CD player, JPL Mk III Preamplifier and DA7 Mk IV stereo power amplifier all connected with Van den Hul’s new 3T cables.

“I was delighted by the sound being made by Montreal dealer Audiophonie-partly, I admit, because they were demonstrating an all-new version of the venerable Spendor SP100, now in R2 form. Its tone, touch, spatial presentation, and vibe were all just about perfect. I will beg-yes, beg-for the opportunity to write about the Spendor in the months to come.”   – Art Dudley, Stereophile Festival Son & Image Show Report, March 2012