Bluebird Music to Distribute Questyle in USA and Canada


Buffalo, NY, June 19, 2020 — Bluebird Music, distributor of high-performance audio products since 2000, is pleased to announce their appointment as US and Canadian distributor of products from Questyle, a specialist in ultra-high performance personal audio products, including DACs and headphone amplifiers. Questyle will be the sixth brand distributed by Bluebird, joining AVM (Audio Video Manufaktur) electronics, Jadis vacuum tube electronics, SME tonearms and turntables, and loudspeakers from Vienna Acoustics and Spendor.

Questyle CMA 400i“Questyle products feature state-of-the-art technology and terrific sound quality, along with versatility that’s equal to the best studio gear”, said Jay Rein, President of Bluebird Music. “We’ll initially be offering Questyle’s best DAP (digital audio player) and three killer DAC/headphone amps.”

Questyle’s leading-edge electronics are matched with elegant industrial designs that ensure a pleasurable user experience, and are precision-manufactured by Foxconn Technology Group. Questyle products have won two of the world’s most-prestigious awards for technology: the CES Innovation Award, and the iF Industrial Design Award. Questyle has also received dozens of additional awards in North America, Asia, and Europe.

“Bluebird already carries five incredible lines, and we feel that Questyle’s combination of style, impeccable build-quality, and superb sound make the brand a natural fit for us,” said Rein. “Adding in the competitive pricing and amazing value that these products offer, we expect Questyle to make quite a mark in our marketplace.”

Questyle’s unique proprietary technologies include:

–Current Mode Amplification: Using discrete Class A amplification stages operating in the current mode (rather than the traditional voltage mode), distortion and noise are reduced to almost-immeasurable levels.

–Pure Class A BIAS Control: In conjunction with Current Mode Amplification, this adjusts the setting of the amplifier’s output stage to match any headphone or loudspeaker load.

–5G Wireless Audio System: By working in the ultra-high RF band and utilizing independent protocols, this allows stable multiroom transmission of lossless audio.

–True DSD: No conversion to PCM is used, providing the full DSD signal of SACD playback.

Models and Pricing:

The first four Questyle products to be distributed by Bluebird Music are:
CMA 400i: Compact preamplifier/DAC/headphone amp, US MSRP $799 US / $1,069 CAD
CMA Twelve: Flagship premier/DAC/headphone amp, US MSRP $1,499 / $1,999 CAD
CMA Twelve Master: Special edition of the CMA Twelve, US MSRP $1,999 / $2,669 CAD
QPM Digital Audio Player: State-of-the-art handheld unit, US MSRP $1,999 / $2,669 CAD

Bluebird Music will begin shipping Questyle products to dealers in July 2020.

For more information, or high-res images contact: Jay Rein at, or 416-638-8207.

ABOUT BLUEBIRD MUSIC: Founded in 2000 and led by Founder and President Jay Rein, Bluebird Music is a full service, value-added distributor of hi-fi products of the highest quality. Bluebird believes in fully supporting highly-skilled retailers who are passionate about great sound. Products distributed by Bluebird can be found at over 100 select dealerships in the US and Canada.

ABOUT QUESTYLE: Founded in 2012 and led by Founder and CEO Jason Wang, Questyle specializes in digital audio products featur ing unique, patented technologies developed by Wang and his engineering team.  Questyle products have won the CES Innovation Award and the prestigious iF Industrial Design award, as well as dozens of other awards in Europe, Asia, and the US. Questyle products are manufactured by the Foxconn Technology Group.